Terms and Conditions

Shipping costs are calculated at the time the shipment is processed, and your card is then charged with the updated total. This is done to ensure the lowest possible cost for shipping on individual orders, and to keep costs down overall!

An average order might consist of 2-3 different items, with average shipping costs of $9.99 to $15.99. Larger orders and West Coast orders vary, and may be a bit more.

We don’t add any margin to shipping costs – you pay what we pay and not a cent more.

At time of shipping an email is sent with the updated amount.

Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail within 1-3 days of order placement and generally take 3-10 business days to arrive at their destination.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope to provide you with our fine pastries for years to come!


Greetings shoppers!

We have been forced to switch to UPS for shipping due to ongoing issues with delayed mail via USPS, our normally preferred shipper. USPS staffing decisions from the Postmaster General, along with COVID-related problems are adding up to additional delays of weeks in some cases, and these issues would likely only increase with the expected and usual holiday volume increases every delivery service experiences during the busy season.

We are doing all we can to increase the speed of deliveries so that your pastries arrive fresh and delicious, and we believe a temporary change to shipping with UPS is the best way to accomplish this, going forward.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced, but we can’t control the packages once they leave our hands, unfortunately.

Kathy’s Kolackes is not responsible for delays in transit. There are no returns, refunds, or cancellations allowed on any orders that have been shipped.